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June 29, 2017  

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FG Diamond Shapes & Suggested Uses
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Fully Cast Crown

From Left to Right: Occlusal segmentation, Distal separation, Lingual-occlusal reduction, Buccal contouring, Distal finishing, Occlusal rounding, Distal groove, Finalised preparation

Gold Inlay

From Left to Right: Occlusal cavity, Proximal cavity, Finishing of occlusal cavity, Finishing of proximal cavity / mesial, Finishing of proximal extension / distal, Finishing of proximal extension / mesial, Feather edge with TC Bur, Feather edge with round-head instrument

Partially Cast Crown

From Left to Right: Shoulder preparation, Occlusal cavity preparation, Occlusal cavity preparation from mesial, View of proximal cavity preparation, View of mesial cavity preparation, View of proximal extension, Segmentation of palatal cuspid, Palatal occlusal reduction

From Left to Right: Finishing of occlusal cores, Finishing of palatal cuspids, Finishing of distal extension, Feather-edge preparation, Mesio-buccal feather-edge initially with round-head, Finishing of mesio-buccal feather-edge, Central fissure preparation, Preparation view

Metal-Ceramic Crowns

From Left to Right: Buccal segmentation, Palatal segmentation, Palatal reduction, Palatal reduction, Incisal reduction, Circular preparation, Circular preparation, Circular preparation / lateral view, Circular preparation / palatal view, Shoulder preparation, Shoulder finishing, Palatal finishing of chamfer preparation, Circumferential contouring, Finalised preparation

Ceramic Build-Ups

From Left to Right: Abraded incisor 13 / incisal view, Preparation of incisal cavity, Incisal smoothing, Labial preparation, Palatal preparation, Finishing of occlusal cavity, Palatal finishing, Palatal view

Ceramic Crown

From Left to Right: Labial open-face preparation, View, Palatal open-face preparation, Labial preparation, Separation, Separation, Palatal reduction, Palatal preparation, Shoulder from labial, Palatal contour, Shoulder from palatal, Shoulder finisher, Labial finishing of shoulder, View of finalised preparation

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