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June 29, 2017  

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Articulating Papers & Foil
 The correct physiological recovery of the occlusion poses as much of a challenge as ever for every dentist and technician. Even the smallest high spots, measuring just a few microns, can cause dysfunctions (mostly pain dysfunction syndrome - TMD) in patients. Occlusal proportions are being constantly changed with every procedure. Therefore an understanding of the synergy of the teeth in static and dynamic occlusion forms the basis of good dentistry.
Since 1953, Dr. Jean Bausch KG has specialized in the manufacture of special articulating - occlusion test materials designed to represent occlusal proportions on the masticatory surfaces as true to nature as possible. From the outset, the founders of the company had recognized the need to use pressure-sensitive articulating paper in order to present all the different masticatory forces in various colours. The principle of progressive colour transfer remains an important method for the accurate detection of high spots.

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